Working with charity

As we live in a society where poverty is increasing, inflation and the cost of living is rising and food bank use is at an all-time high, it is important to consider different ways in which you can help.

Although we understand not everyone has the time and resources to dedicate their time to working with different charities, we have put together this blog to explain why we think it is important to work with charity, and ways you can help without barely doing anything at all!

At BAK & Southern Connections we have our own charity, BAK Foundation, which was set up to give back to those in need. When speaking to one of our directors, Chris Wain, Chris believes that working in charity is a humbling experience which can open your eyes to all different paths of life and how fortunate you are if you are in a position to help others.

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of your own life, forgetting how fortunate you are if you and your family are in good health, you have a roof over your head, an education, and food on the table. Sometimes you can help other people in the simplest of ways, even if it is just a smile at a homeless person you walk past in the street.

Here is a list of easy ways you can help to contribute to charity:

  • Donations – if you can spare any money to a cause you feel passionate about, no matter how big or small the amount it helps to make a difference. It doesn’t have to just be money, it could be clothes that you don’t wear anymore, food, books – anything that could be of use to someone and give them something that they don’t already have.

  • Volunteering – if you have some spare time on a weekend or evening, spend some time volunteering somewhere that shares the same values as you. Even if it is just to go and collect some flyers about an upcoming charity event to drop off at your workplace or a school that someone in your family goes to, it helps to increase awareness. Time is valuable- everyone is precious of their time, and sometimes there is just not enough of it in a day! But there is plenty in a week, a month or a year, and to be able to donate some of your time, maybe once a year to work with or for a charity will be hugely valued by many.

  • Sharing on social media or spreading the word – if you can’t volunteer or donate but still want to help out, sharing a link to a donation page or a charities work on your own social media pages can help. It can help to reach more people and potentially attract more volunteers and donations if it ends up on someone’s home page who is able to! If you aren’t a social media user, spread the word through your colleagues, friends and family instead.

BAK Foundation has worked with a range of different charities in many different ways. This year alone we have hosted a ladies only event and put together donation packs for Eid and Ramadan, with our big annual bike ride approaching in September and donating some back to school packs to help the destitute in our local area.

New faces are always welcome within the foundation, whether that’s through helping out at our events, supporting us on social media or sending things to be included as donations or prizes.

Our annual charity bike ride is taking place on Sunday 11th September, raising funds for Forget me not children’s hospice and Leeds Mind. Our riders will be doing a 100 mile bike ride, setting off from our head office in Pudsey and riding all the way to York Minster.

For ways to get involved please contact us today and follow us on social media for updates.


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