Technology rewind – how has technology changed in the last ten years?

Looking back to when you got your first smartphone and how limited the features on this device were, it is crazy to think that at one point these devices were advanced! When you look at how far technology has come in the past ten years there have been major changes within society and the technological market, which leads to many questions wondering how much further can smartphones and devices go?

Looking back at how technology has advanced in the past ten years, there have been some big changes:

One of the biggest changes is the way that Wi-Fi works now. Remember the days when you had to connect to the internet using a dongle, or being connected to a router through wires? Now it is just a simple wireless connection, making it so much easier and faster for everyone to connect to the internet. The same could be said for when you used to travel abroad and internet cafes were a big popularity. These days, wi-fi is offered in a lot of venues and people can easily connect their smartphones/devices instead, meaning there is no need for an internet café anymore.

Another big change is the evolution of social media. Ten years ago, Facebook was a fairly new platform with nowhere near as many features as it has now. Similarly, Instagram was more than likely used to share a picture of your snacks. There was no sponsored ads or influencers! Technology has advanced and grown to make social media a vital tool for many businesses, allowing paid and organic advertisement of their services.

Looking at the evolution of devices, 10 years ago a lot of popular phones were Motorolas, Blackberry’s and a flip phone, with the iPhone still being a bit of a luxury. Similarly, a popular Apple product was the iPod touch. Now, the iPad has taken over and larger screens have become more and more popular. It is interesting to see that devices could be doing a full circle, with Samsung releasing their new flip device this year. Is the future of devices going to go back to flip phones and old style features for people to unlock some nostalgia?

There have also been big changes with many popular systems for people in the workplace including Google Mail. You can now integrate with Google Docs and sheets much easier than before, whilst scheduling your meetings on Google Meet. So much technology has advanced, making it so much easier to connect and share work with people all over the world. Business expansions and remote working have never been so easy!

With such big changes in technology over the past 10 years, where will technology go in the next ten?

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