Sim only vs new contract

We’ve all been there, it’s coming towards the end of your phone contract and you don’t know whether to get a new one or opt for a sim only and cut your costs a little bit. A shiny new phone with all its new features can be very tempting, especially if your old device has started to slow down a little bit.

But lately, more and more people are starting to realise there isn’t actually that much difference between their phone and the newer model. Meaning sometimes upgrading can be done just for the sake of it!

Opting for a sim only contract often means cutting your costs. You will end up paying a fraction of the price you are currently paying, as you won’t be paying for the device anymore. You will instead just be charged for your airtime, minutes and texts.

What are the benefits of a sim only deal?

  • Cut your costs – you won’t always be paying a high price for a newer model of phone, you’ll be keeping your costs low whilst enjoying a high data allowance.

  • Higher airtime for a lower cost – don’t pay for the device and airtime, just pay for the airtime. This usually means you can get a higher data tariff and still sometimes be halving your usual monthly phone bill outgoing.

On the other hand, it is always tempting to get a new phone, especially when you see the new colours and features that are released.

What are the benefits of taking out a new contract?

  • New phone – a quicker phone, new battery, shiny exterior, better camera and better features!

  • Upgrade your storage – if you have a lower storage device and you wish you had extra, you can upgrade your storage and keep on taking your pictures and videos without the risk of your storage getting full.

  • You can get money towards your new phone when you recycle your old one with O2, meaning your monthly cost will end up being lower than the standard tariff.

  • Upgrade your colour – if there is a new limited edition colour such as the pink and purple iPhones, grab it whilst you can!

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