Oppo - an introduction

Whilst most people are set on having an Apple or a Samsung device, Oppo is quickly growing in popularity and market presence.

You may have noticed the Oppo logo around several big brand partnerships and ambassadors including Wimbledon, Barcelona FC, Mo Farah and many more household names.

So, who are Oppo and what are their devices like?

Oppo is an Android device, with a range of devices from extremely affordable to higher-end price brackets. They boast a 0.25% customer return rate in the UK, beating the average of 4% by a long shot! They also have the first microscopic camera a smartphone has ever had on their X3 Pro device.

With the recent release of the Oppo Find X5 and X5 pro, let’s have a look at the key features of these devices.

  • Replacement of Plastic shielding over cameras to be ultra-transparent glass, making images much brighter and clearer.

  • Durability with IP68 Water and Dust Resistance, your device will be more protected with this model than previous ones!

  • Two 50MP cameras, one with a wide and one with an ultra-wide lens and a 13MP telephoto camera to enhance your shots no matter what lighting you are in.

  • Ultra HDR Video and Nightography to capture videos during darker settings and capture the colours and lighting perfectly. No overexposure on your shots!

  • 5000mAh Battery – at its peak for performance you can get up to 1,600 charging cycles which is double the charging cycles of most phones.

Oppo also offers the option to have 2 devices in one! You can have 2 Sim cards in one device, meaning if you want to have a work and personal phone in one, you can easily do this.

You can also have 2 profiles on your phone, meaning you can easily switch between your personal profile and work profile. This means different contacts, backgrounds, finger prints if you want to use different for each profile and separate files. It is worth noting that you can only transfer data over from one profile, so when it comes to upgrading your personal data is the only one that will carry over onto your new one. This is still an extremely clever feature of the Oppo device, to save you carrying around 2 phones at the same time!

In another clever technological advance, the phone charging on their new devices offers super speedy charging times, going from 0-50% in 12 minutes!

Their devices don’t just stop at phones, they also have their own branded watch, similar to that of Apple and Samsung, with their own earbuds and accessories.

For any additional information on Oppo, please get in touch with us today and we can discuss the device you require.