Supercharge your world with Volt!

You may or may not have heard about O2 and Virgin Media merging together recently, to introduce a whole new aspect to the O2 brand. Volt was launched this year and it brings with it a lot of new benefits and exclusive discounts for our customers.

What are O2 Volt benefits?

When you are a customer of both Virgin Media and O2, you will unlock your Volt benefits. So if you are currently a customer of O2 and decide to switch to Virgin Media for your broadband, or vice versa, your benefits will unlock immediately. Some of the Volt benefits include:

  • Double your data on every eligible O2 monthly plan – become a Virgin customer and you will get double your monthly allowance for the same price as before. Similarly, if you are currently a Virgin media customer and take out a new monthly plan with an O2 device, your data will be doubled.

  • Boost your broadband speed to the next level – if you aren’t already on the fastest possible speed, then you will be boosted to the next speed level whilst staying at the same price. This is a great incentive for current O2 customers who take out a Virgin media package, as you can take out a lower speed knowing that you can boost it up for no boost in price.

  • Supercharged connectivity – blackspot busting Wi-Fi pods when they get intelligent Wi-Fi Plus and O2 Travel Inclusive Zone.

  • If you go for a bigger broadband speed and take out a new phone on a custom O2 plan, you can get up to £150 off for a connected device.

  • Up to 1Gbps broadband with Virgin Media

  • Continue to enjoy the exclusive perks and experiences from priority.

If you’re a business owner, any small business who takes out a new Voom business broadband and landline bundle with us with an eligible O2 Small Biz tariff, you will benefit from:

  • A mobile data boost – you will get double the data on your mobile tariff from 6GB and above. Be a lot more flexible and work from your device wherever you are.

  • Supercharged back up and start-up powered by O2 – get up and running using our 4G powered network within days of signing up. You can therefore do business faster.

It is worth noting that Volt benefits doesn’t only apply to new customers! If you are currently a Virgin Media and O2 customer, all you need to do is go onto your My O2 portal and unlock the benefits.

Interested in some pricing options? Submit an enquiry on the website and we can discuss with you our Virgin Media offers and O2 deals.