Insurance - why should you take it?

For most of us, our mobile phones are rarely out of our hands or far from our reach! How else would we communicate with colleagues and family, scroll through social media on our lunch break and be available if anyone urgently needs us?

Have you ever asked yourself what you might do without your phone? What if you drop it or spill a cup of coffee on it and it all of a sudden becomes unresponsive? What if someone snatches your bag on your train journey to work?

A phone can be extremely expensive to repair, or even replace if the damage is bad enough.

That’s where insurance comes in!

How does insurance work?

For most people, when they get a new device they don’t want the extra burden of paying for their insurance on top of their monthly bill.

However, having an insurance policy with your device usually means if your phone becomes damaged or broken, you can claim this back on your insurance. You won’t have to fork out for a new device, or pay for two phone contracts at the same time!

It is usually just as simple as calling your provider, telling them what has happened to the device and they will arrange the rest. A collection will be arranged for your old device and a delivery of a new one will be sent, or collection of your damaged device will be arranged so that it can be sent off for repair.

Then you don’t have to do anything except pay your excess!

With most insurance policies, you can set your own excess. The standard amount of excess you will pay is £100. In the grand scheme of things, £100 in comparison to a device that might cost £800 is saving you £700.

It is always worth checking what is covered on the policy, for example checking that the policy is covered if the device is damaged outside of the UK and that the policy actually includes replacement devices. The full details of your policy should be given to you the day that you agree to taking out the policy, and if you can keep a copy of these this is a good idea to refer back to.

The benefits of taking out insurance speak for themselves – you will save money, time and stress if something happens to your phone. It is an investment worth taking, especially if you have an expensive phone and you are covered under all circumstances.

Many companies offer a range of insurance policies, all at different price ranges so that a customer can choose the best policy for them.

For more information on insurance policies and the policies you can take out if you are considering getting a new device, contact us today.