How to make the most of your business device

When you are shopping for a work phone, it is important to find the best business mobile deals for your employees.

Many times when employees have been provided with a work phone or device, employers can wonder if the investment was even worth it. As for the employees, they can often sit there wondering if there is anything they can do to use the device more, as most of the time they are stuck in the habit of using their own phones instead.

So, how can you get the most out of your business phone?

  • Separate your personal email address and contact number from your work one – give colleagues/clients this information only, and only link these onto your work phone. Delete the inbox out of your personal email folder and only allow business calls to come through to your work phone. Don’t get into the habit of checking your work emails and calls when you are not at work, it is important to let yourself switch off on an evening.

  • Keep any content for work on your work phone – this includes screenshotting invoices, order confirmations, edited social media posts and anything else. Many times you can end up with hundreds of screenshots on your camera roll which never get looked at again, so your pictures are a mixture of work and personal content. Keeping it separate gives you less screenshots and images to delete when you come to giving your phone a clear out. It also makes it easier for you to find something if there are less things to look through!

  • Add your work calendar into your work phone, so that any meeting links show up only on your work device. If you are joining a zoom link or calling your organization on Microsoft teams whilst you’re on the move, you can then only join the meetings from your business device. Then you have to have it turned on every day, getting yourself into a better habit of using it!

  • Save all of your business files onto your work phone as well as your laptop. That way you have an extra device to refer to if you need to, whilst making it easier to find all of your business content.

There is always the risk that linking your personal and work devices means you can never properly switch off from work, therefore not giving yourself a proper break which can lead to burnout. We all want to have a good work-life balance, which you might struggle to achieve if you are being buzzed with work queries outside of your usual hours.

BAK and Southern Connections can provide extremely competitive and custom quotes for any business device that you might need. If you are thinking of buying a business phone, or if you want to buy some for your employees then contact us today for a quote.