Business broadband - what are the benefits?

Updated: May 9

Without a secure connection to the internet, the majority of businesses wouldn't be able to complete their job effectively. Sometimes we might take for granted how quickly our web pages refresh, as the days of slow internet are mostly behind us!

With a lot of employees working a mixture between home and the office, it is important to recognize the difference between a home broadband connection and a business one, so that any business owners understand the extra benefits that a business connection offers.

Although it isn’t possible for homeworkers to have a business connection, now that more people are returning to the office and more businesses are expanding and starting up again, investing in a good business connection is extremely important.

What are the benefits of using a business broadband?

  • Stronger connections and security than a home broadband – generally, a business broadband will be able to handle a large amount of data at a quicker speed, with larger file sizes being transferred and a higher connection speed.

  • Prioritized connections – if you are connected to a home broadband in an area with a lot of other users, particularly if a lot of home workers are connected during the same hours as you, you will receive a lower bandwidth which could affect the speed of your internet. With a business broadband, your connection will be dedicated to your business meaning it won’t interfere with other users, you will stay connected at all times.

  • Advanced security – a lot of businesses can be targeted for data leaks, phishing attacks and fraudulent activity. Not only does this have a huge financial impact on your business, it also risks your employee and customers data being used incorrectly and putting them at risk too. Having a more secure connection gives you an extra layer of protection.

  • Better coverage – if you work in a large office across multiple floors, a business broadband will allow all employees to receive the same coverage no matter how close they are to the router.

  • Static IP Addresses – having a Static IP address is a much more efficient way for your business to operate, as it allows employees to connect to your server remotely. This is crucial during our new working world times, as employees can access your company files and systems from wherever they are working. They can then complete their job efficiently and easily from their homes if necessary.

When you have a business broadband, you will also have a dedicated support network so that you can quickly and easily get in touch if you have any connection issues. You won’t need to sit in long call queues or wait ages for a customer service response, meaning your connection will be up and running much more quickly than a home broadband connection dropping!

With O2 Business broadband, you have a reliable network that you can trust. At BAK & Southern Connections we pride ourselves on our specialism in business networks and keeping you connected at all times. Contact us today for an enquiry and a specialist member of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your options.