Four ways 5G will boost your business

Updated: Feb 7

Here are some of the ways 5G is already helping businesses like yours, from speedier responses to increased security.

You've probably heard that 5G is going to change the way we use our phones. As our network expands its 5G coverage, now is an excellent moment to think about how 5G may help your company as well. Especially the time and work that this new kind of mobile connectivity may save you.

1) Keeping It Personal

For sales, supplier partnerships, and customer service, personal ties have always been critical. Fuzz-free video conversations are more crucial than ever as more of us work remotely.

The enhanced dependability of 5G means you won't have to deal with screen freezes or audio cuts off during video calls. This may make a big difference for employees who want to work from home. Not only by getting over the normal annoyances with sound or visual quality. But also by reintroducing some of the body language characteristics that are so crucial in intimate interactions. Micro facial movements, for example, can assist you comprehend how your words are being perceived. And we all know how crucial these are when attempting to establish rapport or make someone feel at ease.

2) Bringing People Together

Because so many of us share WIFI, bandwidths have been strained to the point that everything has abruptly slowed. Usually just when you need it to hurry up because you're on the verge of missing a deadline. What about when you're presenting an event over the internet? People are counting on you, whether it's on Facebook Live or IGTV, so the last thing you want is a shortage of bandwidth stopping you from presenting smoothly.

Better 5G bandwidth allows your employees to collaborate as a team, no matter where they are. For many of us, remote working has become a part of our everyday routine. And 5G means that everyone can see everything they're sharing, down to the tiniest of details, whether they're working at home, at the office, or around the block in the coffee shop. They can utilize real-time collaborative tools to adjust. Customers will be able to see everything in high quality, so they may share the results with them. That's how it s

3) Keeping things secure (and sustainable)

Businesses are constantly concerned about security. Especially if you have client data on hand. And this is especially true today that many of us are working away from our company's IT infrastructure. Not only is 5G considerably more secure than shared Wi-Fi, but it also improves on the capabilities of 4G to provide genuine Carrier Grade security. Of course, you should still consider the many security technologies available to safeguard your workers and your organisation.

It may come as a surprise, but 5G is a more energy efficient technology than 4G since it processes data more faster and so uses less energy. As a result, it may help you transition to more sustainable working practices while simultaneously laying the groundwork for smarter cities and self-driving cars. All of these things can help us lower our carbon impact.

4) Removing the waiting time

Waiting for a file to upload or download is a waste of time for everyone. When compared to 4G, 5G has significantly lower latency. This is the time it takes for you to tell your tech what to do and for the tech to actually perform it. What does all of this mean for your company? That is, you will be able to send more data to more devices with more efficiency. It'll happen in a flash if you're sending huge files or folders over WeTransfer, such as catalogues with a lot of high-resolution photos. And your employees will not waste time waiting. Cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools will also function without a hitch.

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