Complimentary Tech Workshops


In an effort to help customers with their technology, the BAK and Southern Connections O2 Gurus have set up complementary Tech Workshops which take place once a quarter, offering local communities the chance to get the most out of their smartphones and tablets.

Each workshop accommodates ten customers and is based around a new topic each quarter. The Gurus take this opportunity to share expertise and knowledge on a range of topics that have previously been identified as regular problems within their Guru appointments. This includes setting up their smartphone and downloading apps from the app store as well as sharing details on useful apps that help our customers get the most off their handset, whetherthat be online banking or the best apps to stay in contact with family abroad.

If you need advice or help with your device, then book a complimentary 30 minute appointment with any of our Gurus instore which can be found on the store locator section of the website.