Top Tech Tips For Leeds Students


We have been lucky enough to be involved a third Think Big event, this time at a school on the outskirts of Leeds. The Marketing Manager Chloe Aristodemou, joined by Head Guru, Liam Whittaker and York Designer Outlet’s Guru, Sean Winder along with O2 staff, co-host an interactive session for for year eight students, teaching them valuable skills required in many work places in today’s technologically driven society.  

The year eight classes were split into 3 groups, one tasked with designing and creating a website from scratch whilst the other two groups were taught the basics on coding.

Split into pairs the web design team were given fictional companies and asked to consider what makes a good website and what they would include on the first three pages to drive business. Once the class had decided on the content, they were shown the step by step basics on using Wix and asked to create a website for their fictional companies.  The other two classes were taught to write computer codes using popular coding programme Python. The groups spent the morning learning the basic steps to writing code and were then tasked with applying the theory to programing a small robot to follow a pre-set path.

Our Gurus were a sounding board for ideas and spent time walking around the classes, helping the children with at each step whilst also encouraging outside the box thinking. Head Guru Liam had this to say about the experience; “I spent the session working with the group of coders. The progress I saw in my group was fantastic. It was massively rewarding to see the looks on the children's faces at the end of the session and a great feeling knowing that we were helping the children develop their IT skills, something which is vital in this ever changing world of Technology.”

The Think Big Scheme has been part of O2 for a number of years and was created to empower young people and their ideas by providing funding to make young dreams a reality. The scheme allows children the opportunity to gain experience and add value to the community the live in.