Think Big, Hidden Track


BAK and Southern Connection’s Marketing Manager Chloe Aristodemou and O2 Guru Liam Whittaker worked with the founder of Manchester’s performing arts group Hidden Track, to help qualify for funding and make their alternative performance, ‘Standard Elite’ a reality through O2 Think Big.

The interactive storytelling show explored class, community and identity within society, allowing the audience to predict the ending of the performance whilst live. A set of six performances were to be held at local venues in both Manchester and Sheffield, with limited spaces avaialble. Chloe and Liam worked together with the theatre group using Periscope to live stream the performance via the Hidden Track website and social media channels. As the shows was free to attend and watch online, audiences were encouraged to pay what they thought the performance deserved via an online payment function set up with the help of Guru Liam. This was attched to the Periscope live stream of performance on social media.

The project went on to qualify for Think Big funding and all shows were fully booked, with the live stream attracting around 50+ viewers per showing. The performance has since won the Greater Manchester Fringe Award for ‘Best New Writing’ as well as recognition from industry professionals. The Hidden Track team are now planning their second half of their tour and their re-application for further Think Big funding.

Think Big is an O2 funded scheme for young people aged between 13-25 that want to gain experience and add value to the community that they live in. If you are feeling inspired or have a Think Big worthy idea then please contact the Marketing Manager Chloe Aristodemou for help with your project.