Tech Accessibility


From the start of the year we have worked hard at looking how we can support the local communities around our stores and give something back to society. Our army of O2 Gurus have been out and about sharing knowledge and expertise and it’s brilliant to see the hard work from everyone coming together.

Earlier in the year we were delighted to announce our links with Hampshire based charity, Open Sight, Selby District Vision and our partnership with the visually impairment officer in Portsmouth. The first accessibility workshop, created by our Southsea Guru, focused heavily on providing advice on how to use different operating systems and VI apps available to help make daily tasks easier. This was delivered in Portsmouth and provided the building blocks to mould the sessions into what they are today.

One of our objectives was to raise awareness of the Guru service whilst breaking the fear barrier to technology. Research shows this can contribute to increase in social isolation that many of the people we have worked with have experienced at some point in their lives. After workshops, we gather feedback on how people feel the session has gone and whether it was useful. The majority of attendees thus far have been overwhelmed with the support we have provided and now feel comfortable walking into an O2 store to ask for help if they need, something that previously, they wouldn’t have done.

It is with great pleasure we are now able to announce we are now working closely with two other partially sighted charities; HERIB (Hull & East Riding Institute of the Blind) and YBPSS (York Blind and Partially Sighted Society). We will be delivering the first accessibility sessions in July and August with both charities. We have also recently announced a date for our second workshop with Open Sight. We hope to continue these partnerships and really make a difference in the communities that we work in.