Open Sight Partnership


Open Sight was founded 90 years ago and is the largest visually impairment charity in Hampshire area. Experts in their field, the charity are keen to explore the endless possibilities technology can now bring to people living with visual impairments. Supported by O2 Gurus Ryan Johnson and Emma Di Maria, the charity will host the first tech accessibility workshop on 7 June in the local Eastleigh area.

The free workshop available to anyone with a visual impairment in the Hampshire region will run through the basics on in-built accessibility settings on both Android & Apple devices. The Gurus will advise on apps available to download allowing people to make the most out of their devices, enhancing their day to day lives.

With more workshops in the pipeline for 2017, we are looking forward to working alongside Open Sight, providing more opportunity for people to get to grips with technology and make the most out of their devices.